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Collecting Bee Venom without harming our precious bees 🐝

Collecting Bee Venom without harming our precious bees 🐝
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Here at Kai Ora Honey we love bees! They truely are the life force of our environment therefore our livelihoods. 

Venom from bees (bee sting) has long been used to assist the human body's response to muscle and joint problems due to age, disease or injury. Bee Venom has properties that help promote blood circulation by stimulating the pituitary-cortical system aiding the body’s natural response to pain.

Recently with the release of our new Hāna Botanicals Mānuka and Bee Venom skincare range we have been asked “are bees harmed during the collection of Bee Venom?”

Our proud answer is NO! Bee Venom is collected naturally without hurting the bees in the process.


So how is the bee venom extracted without harming bees you ask?

Through a unique and patented method developed by New Zealand scientists. Bee venom is produced in the venom gland of the bee, and is stored in an adjacent sac in the bee’s abdomen. The amount of venom a bee has depends on age. Newly hatched bees don’t have any venom at all, but the amount increases rapidly for the first two weeks of a worker bee’s life, reaching a plateau of about 0.3 mg (dry weight).

Specialist Bee Keepers place glass collection frames over the hive with wire electrodes installed, a current is pulsed through the frame and with an electro stimulator recording pulses, Bees that come into contact with the frame receive a very mild electric current that promotes them to sting against the frame and the bee free to fly away to the hive. The frames with the fresh dried bee venom on them are carefully packed into a special container for transportation to the laboratory.

Approximately 33,000 bee stings = 1 gram of Bee Venom. This is the reason the cost of bee venom skin care products is so high.

Hāna Botanicals

So if you love bees and New Zealand Bee Venom skincare, you can buy Hana Botanicals guilt free knowing that NO Precious little Bees 🐝 were harmed in the process 💕


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