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Puresan Workplace Bundles

Puresan, working together to support one another against Covid-19! Our primary focus is to help deliver affordable World Health Standard sanitary options that support healthy families, businesses and schools not only in Tai Tokerau but all New Zealand. During these troubled times, we have recognised how vulnerable our rural regions & communities were left in at the initial Govt. lockdown response to Covid-19 with the lack of access to quality PPE and sanitary items.

Puresan providing solutions for a more self-sustaining and self-reliant healthy Covid-19 FREE Tai Tokerau, whilst adding value to our community by sourcing 98% of our ingredients locally. Supporting these local businesses, to keep our people in their jobs & creating new opportunities.

Proudly Produced: 
Kai Ora Honey Ltd
56 West Road, Awanui, NEW ZEALAND

Acknowledgments: Puresan is the product of an PGF and ANT Trust partnership lead by our CEO Blanche Morrogh of Kai Ora Honey Ltd.