Kai Ora Honey is a leading indigenous Mãori business renowned all over the world for its innovative products using natural resources found in native forests. We celebrate more than 100 years of indigenous knowledge and discovery of New Zealand Mānuka and its health properties.

Blanche Morrogh, CEO, Kai Ora Honey and her young beekeeping family draws on this rich history to share the gift of Mānuka into the everyday lives of families around the world.

"From our forest and family to yours, we love that our ancient craft connects us in a healthy, delicious way."

We take our role as Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) seriously. We follow sustainable harvesting practices, while also creating and nurturing native forests.

Kai Ora Honey's goal is to create a world-class product range that makes a difference to quality family time around the table. We have expanded our range of premium Mānuka honey to include our highly acclaimed caramelised Mānuka honey sauces. As well as developing Hana Botanicals, a Mānuka based skincare range. Kai Ora currently exports products to Japan, Romania and the USA with the vision to build supplv channels in Australia and Canada.

"Every drop of Mānuka honey is cared for under the principles of Kaitiakitanga (Guardianship) all the way from our hives to you, making sure the Mānuka flower is as powerful and alive in the jar as it was in the hive. Kaitiakitanga is what we as Mãori owners of Kai Ora have been doing for generations."

Blanche Morrogh, CEO, Kai Ora