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Honey Crystal Sachets

Nature's Sweetness for Energy on the Move!"

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Prepare to elevate your honey game with our Manuka Honey Crystals! Crafted for the active lifestyle, these convenient sachets provide a quick, natural energy boost whenever you need it.

Personalize your sweet indulgence with our Manuka Honey Crystals - select from a range of flavors or enrich them with vitamins and minerals to cater to your preferences. Whether you're seeking to develop your own branded line or share the goodness of our esteemed Kai Ora Manuka Honey, we offer tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

And there's more - our Crystal Sachets aren't just delicious; they're a natural nutritional powerhouse! Replace sugar, stevia, or artificial sweeteners with these crispy treasures. Sprinkle them over your cereal, stir them into your coffee, blend them into smoothies, or sprinkle them atop ice cream for an unparalleled treat. With limitless possibilities and unbeatable flavor, get ready to experience honey like never before!

Product Options:

Product Size

- Private Label 5g Sachet

- Private Label 10g sachet

- Catering 10kg Bag


- Kai Ora Manuka Honey 80+ MGO

- Kai Ora Manuka 200+ MGO 

Flavour Notes

  • Flavour will vary based on honey type
  • Optional Flavour Options

Outter Packaging Options

  • Bulk Catering Loose MOQ 500 x 5g pillow packs
  • Bulk Catering Loose MOQ 500 x 10g pillow packs
  • Private Label Bulk 100 x 5g pillow packs
  • Private Label Bulk 100 x 10g pillow packs
  • Private Label pillow packs into custom packages - additional packing fees may apply

Other packaging may be available on request. Minimum order quantities apply.