Export Bulk Manuka Honey: Nature's Bounty in Bulk

At Kai Ora Honey, we specialise in offering comprehensive honey solutions, catering to both bulk buyers and retail-ready packaging. 

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Our expertise spans the production and packaging of New Zealand's finest Manuka Honey selections, ensuring top quality every step of the way. Operating at a world-class standard, we meticulously harvest exceptional Manuka Honey from our pristine landscapes and lush forests. Whether you require honey in drums for bulk purchase or retail-ready packaging, we guide you through the process with tailored blends and label designs, empowering you to confidently establish your brand in the thriving Manuka Honey market.

With a wide range of Manuka Honey monofloral strengths, ranging from (MGO 83+) to (MGO 1200+), and customizable options for jar sizes, types, serving options, flavors, and formulations, Kai Ora Honey provides a comprehensive solution to all your honey needs.


Discover groundbreaking innovations reshaping the way honey is enjoyed with our range of Lozenges, Manuka Sugar, Manuka Crystals, and Snap Packs.

Manuka Honey

  • PET Plastic Jars - Ideal for retail shelves
  • Squeezy Bottles - Convenient for easy dispensing

Manuka Honey
on the Go

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  • Lozenges (Optional Flavors)- Perfect for on-the-go consumption
  • Honey Crystals - Versatile and easy to use
  • Manuka Powder - Ideal for culinary or cosmetic applications
  • Snap Packs - Single-serve portions for convenience

Bulk Manuka for Food & Cosmetics Ingredient

  • Pail | Buckets - Suitable for large-scale food or cosmetic production
  • 290kg Drum - Bulk packaging option for manufacturing facilities
  • IBC Tank 500ltr & 1000Ltr - Large volume storage for industrial applications

Honey Brand for

  • Kai Ora Manuka Range
  • Kai Ora Native Honey Range
  • Private Label - Our Honey, Your Brand

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Apr 28, 2023 Kai Ora Honey

Our mission

Sustainably Harvested Honey, Preserving Nature's Bounty At Kai Ora Honey, we're dedicated to preserving the rich biodiversity of our native forests while offering sustainably harvested honey. Guided by Maori tikanga and innovative beekeeping practices, we nurture thriving ecosystems, supporting the well-being of bees and safeguarding our natural heritage. Join us in indulging in nature's beauty while preserving its precious gifts for generations to come.

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