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Honey Sugar Powder

Revolutionising the Honey Experience

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Introducing Honey Powder, a groundbreaking innovation reshaping the way honey is enjoyed. Beyond being a natural sugar alternative, Honey Powder empowers consumers with newfound culinary freedom and versatility. Tailored Solutions for Your Business At Kai Ora Honey Ltd, we offer customizable Honey Powder solutions to meet your unique business requirements. Whether you seek to infuse different flavors or formulations such as vitamins or minerals to cater to specific customer preferences or market demands, we've got you covered. Choose from our extensive range of options, including crafting your Private Label Brands or distributing our established Retail Ready Brand Kai Ora Honey.

Our diverse range of solutions ensures that your individual business needs are met with excellence. The Versatile Essence of Honey Powder Honey Powder is a finely crafted substance derived from honey, unlocking a multitude of possibilities across various applications. From serving as a natural replacement for sugar in home cooking to fulfilling industrial baking needs, its adaptability knows no bounds. Utilize it in both wet and dry mixes, enabling its seamless integration into a myriad of recipes. Say goodbye to processed sugar and embrace the purity of natural honey. Its diverse applications span confectionery, health food bars, snacks, soups, sauces, gravies, and dairy products, offering a holistic natural solution for all your industrial bakery requirements.

Product Options:

Product Size

- Private Label 5g Sachet

- Private Label 10g sachet

- Catering 10kg Bag


- Kai Ora Manuka Honey 80+ MGO

- Kai Ora Manuka 200+ MGO 

Flavour Notes

  • Flavour will vary based on honey type
  • Optional Flavour Options

Outter Packaging Options

  • Bulk Catering Loose MOQ 500 x 5g pillow packs
  • Bulk Catering Loose MOQ 500 x 10g pillow packs
  • Private Label Bulk 100 x 5g pillow packs
  • Private Label Bulk 100 x 10g pillow packs
  • Private Label pillow packs into custom packages - additional packing fees may apply

Other packaging may be available on request. Minimum order quantities apply.