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Honey is the sweet nectar of a bee's lifetime work. These healthy honey recipes feature several varietals of our honey. Not all fresh produce needs honey bees for pollination, but their sheer numbers and tenacity make bees power house pollinators. We love to use our honey as much as possible in day to day to life and so here we are collating our experiences, we hope you enjoy!

Kai Ora Strawberry, Honey & Lime Spritzer. - Kai Ora Honey Limited, New Zealand

Kai Ora Strawberry, Honey & Lime Spritzer.

A Strawberry Honey Spritzer that will bring all your friends around this summer! 

Salted Honey & Blueberry Baked Polenta

This recipe looks and tastes soo G O O D, that we had to share repost from @cocavo_official! While it might be a bit past blueberry season we're sure the salted kanuka honey combo would... Read More
Kai Ora Honey Recipes